Introducing the World’s First Culinary Agony Aunt…

After a successful spell solving hundreds of gastronomic conundrums as Waitrose Food Illustrated’s culinary agonyaunt, we are delighted to announce that Laura Santtini will now be offering up her unconventional yet sage advice to AOL’sbrand new supersite for super-stylish, quick-thinking women,, through a weekly column

Dear Reader,

In this weather you might be expecting to read about beans, root vegetables and the hearty properties of unrefined grains such asspelt and barley. In an ordinary food column I would wax lyrical on the medicinal properties of fresh ginger, and relay to youhow a few chunky slices of this gnarly root, added to hot tea, toddies, and soups can help thaw even the iciest of cockles.But as the culinary world’s first agony aunt, I am not here to simply extol the virtues of flageolets and cassoulet; but to also offerreaders advice, guidance and practical tips on the different flavours life can take on, both in and out of the kitchen.Whilst we nourish our bodies daily, we often forget feed our essence and sometimes although our bodies feel satiated our heartsand souls can be left hungry. It has taken years to recognize that we are what we eat, and like food, emotions can now be linkeddirectly to our wellbeing. Both can nourish and damage depending on the recipe and in extreme cases can end up eating you.Remember Gilbert Grape?My wish is that this light-hearted column will pioneer the sharing of flavours, feelings and recipes. Together I hope we can mapthe undeniable link between the tastes of our lives and the food we eat, to compile a delicious, cross cultural and diversecollection of food for thought and recipes for life.If you are already familiar with my work let’s bite the bullet, for the uninitiated or more cautious, I hope you will be tempted tosuck it and see.

Laura Santtini


A “mistress of flavour” Laura is known for her incredibly open and honest attitude and this week she kicks off withan amazingly honest account of her chemical pregnancy. Described as “Tracey Emin with a frying pan” Laura’s column promises to add some serious flavour to the newly launched My Daily website. As she shares a taste of herlife, Laura invites readers to send in their cooking conundrums and domestic dilemmas of any kind so that she canhave a taste of everyone else’s lives too.

Laura has evolved from being a behind the scenes taste consultant and working mother into an award winningauthor, businesswoman and global marketing sensation following the success of her flavour bomb Taste #5 UmamiPaste™ into stores last year.

Send cooking conundrums and domestic dilemmas to

Press Contact: Sarah Canet at Spoon PR 020 7610 9821

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