Squeeze me, Rub me, Taste me

The ultimate in food pheromones, Taste # 5 Umami Paste™ helps culinary virgins and gastronomic Casanovas alike. This sexy cooking tool mixes explosive flavours with detonating tastes to amp up any dish intime for Valentine’s Day.This pioneering flavour bomb was developed by Laura Santtini, award-winning author, entrepreneur and MyDaily.co.uk’s new Gastro Therapist who is no ordinary agony aunt.

Come Valentine’s Day, we expect MrsSanttini to be fixing many a broken heart.

Squeeze Me- Taste # 5 Umami Paste™ can be used to add an extra depth of flavour to your soups, stews, sauces and risottos, transforming the ‘everyday’ into something completely out of the ordinary. Simply squeeze into your dish and feel the flavour lengthen. To make a quick and delicious Taste # 5 Umami Paste™ Pasta Sauce,roughly chop some fresh tomatoes, place in a bowl with some torn fresh herbs and baby spinach or rocketleaves, (basil and rocket are ideal), a little grated lemon zest, a good glug of olive oil and a squeeze of Taste # 5Umami Paste™. Tip just-drained hot pasta into the bowl with your cold sauce and stir through. Serve with grated Parmesan and a good grinding of black pepper.

Rub me (for dinner with a happy ending) Unsurprisingly, meat responds to aromatic massage with flavouring ingredients. Taste # 5 Umami Paste™ can be used to season anything before cooking. Rub into fish fillets, chicken pieces, chops or steaks before baking, grilling or pan frying. Taste # 5 Umami Paste™ Steak is one of those things that make you want to gommmm! Spread raw steak on both sides with a little paste, drizzle with a little oil and cook to taste. When cooked, drizzle with a little more olive oil and serve with a little more Taste # 5 Umami Paste™ on the side of the plate, just like you would mustard. If you would like a little sauce, when your meat is cooked to taste, deglaze the pan with a splash of mirin and a splash of soy sauce, a knob of butter and another squeeze of Taste #5Umami Paste™ for a glossy umami-packed sauce.

Taste me- For those looking to spend as little time as possible in the kitchen on Valentine’s Day, Taste # 5 UmamiPaste™ can be used as a tasty condiment to add pizzazz to cheese and crackers or a platter of cold meats.

Editors Notes; Laura’s new Gastro Therapist column launches on http://www.mydaily.co.uk

Taste #5 Umami Paste™ 70g tube £2.99

Videos showing Laura cooking with Taste #5 Umami Paste™ can be seen at www.laurasanttini.com

Available from Sainsbury’s – nationwide 0800 636 262

Tesco – nationwide 0800 505 555 Waitrose – nationwide 0800 188 884

Ocado.com – 0845 399 1122

Selfridges – London, Birmingham, Manchester Trafford & Exchange Square 0800 123 400

Booths – across the North-West 01772 693 800

Press Contact sarah@spoon-pr.com 020 7610 9821

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