When Harry met Ashley (and vice versa)

~ the Paris-based creators of Petit Pois

The partnership between Harry Eastwood and Ashley Maddox is based upon a shared appreciation of the new, the great and the innovative. Together they have brought to life a fresh and original food brand.

‘Have your cake & eat it’ is both the mantra of Petit Pois and the central theme of Harry’s magical recipes. Harry has built a career on the belief that healthy and fun go hand in hand, and she’s known for her clever, occasionally zany approach to lowering the calories of our favourite foods without the use of artificial sweeteners or processed ingredients like margarine. Whether baking Chocolate Fudge Cake or serving up a low calorie Steak Frites, Harry’s recipes are always traditional, with a twist. As both a passionate foodie and a self-confessed kitchen nerd, Harry tested the recipes for Petit Pois cakes over and over again in her tiny kitchen in Paris, until she got the cakes just right. The secret recipes took some four years to develop and refine; they’re the first of many that Harry has up her sleeve.

Ashley is a marketing whiz with a knack for strategy and a passion for shaking things up. At theground floor of a number of industry-changing ventures, whether in music (Napster), television(American Idol), philanthropy (Bono’s (RED) Campaign), or women’s rights (Vital Voices), Ashley’s creative intuition, incisive business mind, and Californian positive attitude are the perfect match to Harry’s unconventional approach to food. With Petit Pois, Ashley led the charge on the business side – naming the brand, negotiating the deals, and developing its beautiful packaging and website. Ashley is also the mother to two little girls and loves the idea of creating healthy and delicious food that will delight her children.

The partnership between Ashley and Harry is the heartbeat behind Petit Pois’ energy and colour. Here we have two dynamic and unusual women united by their quest to bring healthy, delicious and fun treats to Britain.


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