Manchester and Birmingham…..Petit Pois cakes are on the way

Petit Pois cakes launched exclusively at Selfridges London last week and will hit Selfridges Birmingham (30th) and Manchester (31st) where the Petit Pois co-founders Ashley and Harry, will be handing out cakes for people to try.

Head HERE for information on the Birmingham launch and HERE for the Manchester launch. See you there!

Petit Pois cupcakes use all natural ingredients: free range eggs, 70% cocoa chocolate, real vanilla bean and unwaxed citrus fruit, in four flavours: Vanilla, Chocolate, Lemon and Orange. Each cake has just the thinnest layer of icing and is topped with a little green marzipan pea to indicate that it’s genuinely good for you.

The magic of Petit Pois cakes lies in the fact that no-one who eats them would ever guess that they were full of pumpkin, courgette or beetroot. Even more so, no-one would know that there’s more grated vegetable in Petit Pois cakes than any other single ingredient. It’s the presence of the secret vegetables that also give Petit Pois cakes an extended shelf life, the vegetables continue to moisturise and sweeten the cakes days after being made. And what’s more they’re completely gluten-free and have less than half the calories of many cupcakes.

Petit Pois cakes are available in Selfridges Foodhall, priced £5 for a box of two.

For more information about Petit Pois cupcakes, go to

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