Anissa Helou’s Spring Classes

Anissa Helou’s spring classes schedule has just been released. Classes commence in late April and run once a week until early June. Bookings for all of the following classes can be made by emailing or calling 020 7739 0600.

Spring Classes 2011


Evening Classes

(Demonstration from 7.00 to 9.00 pm, followed by dinner with the dishes demonstrated served with a national wine£125 per person, except where a supplement is indicated)

Tuesday 19 April

It is Easter week, a time when Lebanese people are making (m’amul, qras bil-tamr, and ka’k el-eid). It is also time for the biggest feast of the year, Easter being much more important to Lebanese Christians than Christmas. In this class, you learn how to prepare a breast or shoulder of lamb stuffed with rice, meat, and nuts as well as a refreshing salad and a dip or two to serve with the lamb. And I show you how to prepare typical Lebanese Easter cookies, some filled with dates and others with walnuts.

Tuesday 3 May

This class is all about mezze and you will learn how to prepare muhammara (2 ways), courgettes in tomato and mint sauce, white tabbuleh, feta cheese rolls and grilled quails. And to finish, a refreshing dessert: khoshaf, made up of dried fruit and nuts soaked in apricot leather juice.

Tuesday 17 May

Cooking with yoghurt: yoghurt is very important in the diet of Turkish, Lebanese and Syrian people. It is strained to make labneh and is also used in savoury cooking. In this class you learn how to make labneh, how to prepare a yoghurt sauce which you can then use with kibbeh, stuffed courgettes or dumplings. I will show you how to use it with boiled lamb from the shanks. You also learn how to make fatteh (a multi-layered dish of toasted bread, boiled meat or chicken, chickpeas, yoghurt, and toasted pine nuts) and finally how to make yoghurt and honey ice cream.

Tuesday 24 May

A Moroccan family meal: learn to prepare a few Moroccan salads: broad beans with coriander and preserved lemon, carrots with herbs and chillies, aubergines in tomato and coriander sauce; then learn how to steam couscous to serve with a 7-vegetable broth, made with baby vegetables. Finally, I demonstrate m’hannshah (sweet almond spirals).


Tuesday 31 May

Kibbeh is the dish for festive or family entertaining in Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan. In Turkey, it is called köfte. There are endless ways of preparing it: I will teach you how to make kibbeh bil-saniyeh (made in two layers, filled with minced lamb, onion, and pine nuts and baked), kibbeh balls, which can be fried, baked, or cooked in a yoghurt (labniyeh) or tahini sauce (qarnabiyeh), and of course raw kibbeh (kibbeh nayeh). To serve with the kibbeh, you need to also learn how to make a yoghurt and cucumber dip, an ideal accompaniment for kibbeh bil-saniyeh.


Tuesday 7 June

Summer eating: it is nearly summer and it’s the time to think about easy entertaining, and what better than to plan a meal that you can prepare well ahead of time that is served at room temperature. In this class, you learn to make a fresh herb and toasted bread salad (fattush), fish in tahini sauce, okra cooked in a tomato and coriander sauce, and a Lebanese lentil ‘risotto’ (mudardarah. Baklava is a good dessert to serve here and I will show you how to make it.

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