Maria Elia’s BBQ success at the Laverstoke Park BBQ Championship heats

On Friday Maria Elia of JOE’S triumphed at the London heats of the Laverstoke Park British BBQ Championships at Taste of London.

The buffalo rib-eye in an Asian inspired marinade (asian dried orange peel, fish sauce, soy sauce, shoahsing rice wine and yellow rock sugar) proved to be an unexpected source of merriment here at Spoon HQ. Given the task to shop for the marinade ingredients last Wednesday, the dried orange peel (actually tangerine peel) was an elusive ingredient. Googling ‘dried orange peel and SW3’ led to a lot of hits for cellulite – this wasn’t quite what we were expecting! This certainly wasn’t the ‘flesh’ any of us had in mind. Fortunately Maria has a well stocked store-cupboard.

Maria’s marinade for Laverstoke’s buffalo meat was a winning recipe…

The end product, blackened and beautifully charred from the BBQ with the tender pink meat beneath, saw Maria qualify for the British BBQ finals at Laverstoke Park Farm in Hampshire on the 31st of July. With the competition, as white hot as the coals, the final sees JOE’S Maria Elia pitted against last year’s champion Brunot Loubet and teams from Maze, Salt Kitchen, Iberica (amongst others).

Who will be crowned the 2011 champion?


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