Roganics – A Feast for the palate and the eyes

On paper…

The Menu On the plate…

Amuse Bouche

Broad bean and hyssop, fresh curds and beetroot

Rubin Turnip baked in salt, smoked yolk, sea vegetables and wild mustard

Seawater cured Kentish mackerel, orache, broccoli and warm elderflower honey

Shredded ox tongue, pickles and sourdough

Flaky Crab and mallow cream, young squid and cucumber

Vintage potatoes in onion ashes, lovage and wood sorrel

Roasted brill, chicken salt, cockles and ruby chard

Cumbrian hogget, artichokes and chenopodiums

Warm spiced bread, salted almonds, buckthorne curd, smoked clotted cream

Warm spiced bread...ALL GONE!

And a few more picture (not listed on the menu).

The concise wine list

Whipped butter, heavily salted

Raspberry filled fairy cakes

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