GWYL FWYD Y FENNI 17-18 September/Medi 2011

We’ve just seen that Abergavenny Box office goes live on Fri 15 July. To help you get ahead of the game, they are putting a visual of their ‘diary of events’ on the front page of the website today. There is around 100 events, including Festival Fringe, so lots to choose from View the diary here

Following the success of Bill Granger’s talk and demonstration with Henry Dimbleby last year, The Angel Hotel Ballroom will host London-based Granger as he revisits a cuisine that has always been very close to his heart. On Sunday, Bill will be showcasing recipes from his new book (due out in September) Bill’s Everyday Asian, where he will demystify the myth that the big, bold taste explosions of Asia are complicated or exotic. Served simply and cheaply with punchy, vibrant flavours Bill will prove that Asian cooking can be everyday and easy.

We can’t wait! (and we just saw that Lucas Hollweg and Jane Baxter are straight after Bill so we’ll be stuck to our seats)


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