Dinner at JOE’S with a couple of Luvvies

Last week I had the pleasure of introducing some old friends to the relaunched JOE’S. We had an evening of delighting in the flavours of Maria’s new menu – it was only through good behaviour and greediness that we shared a taste of all our dishes.

Our happy table...

The Haddock Carpaccio

The haddock carpaccio and quail (particularly the mini scotch quail egg nestled in salt cod) were devoured. Whilst our mains of Turbot with a couscous of cauliflower  and the Textures of Tomatoes were passed around and only jealously returned… Pudding (and I was with a couple of pudding fiends) finished a wonderful evening with a chorus of ‘mmmmmss’.

Janine Duvitski

You may recognise Janine Duvitski  and her daughter Ruby Bentall (from the big, screen, small screen and stage…). Janine who knew JOE’S in its previous guise was in love – ‘this is the reason to come to South Ken for food.

Ruby Bentall and the Camera-shy composer of this post


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