New Publications for Autumn 2011

Bill’s Everyday Asian by Bill Granger

Publication Date: September 2011, Published by Quadrille, RRP Hardback £20

The big, bold taste explosions of Asia demystified and served simply and cheaply with punchy, vibrant flavours. For Bill, this isn’t exotic or complicated food, it’s everyday and democratic.

With Bill’s Everyday Asian, Bill takes the best that Asian food has to offer and gives it the unique Bill makeover, simplifying his favourite classics and creating his own quick, easy and healthy dishes.

The recipes in this book are inspired by Bill’s many experiences, from a home cooked dinner enjoyed in Singapore to a businessman’s breakfast in Japan; they range from simple street food to some of the most exciting dishes from restaurants around the world.

Bill Granger is an Australian chef, writer and restaurateur. He has recently relocated to the UK with his family and is working towards launching his first UK restaurant.

Flash Cooking by Laura Santtini

Publication Date: September 2011, Published by Quadrille, RRP Hardback £20

A ‘jeans and white t-shirt’ cookbook’– an everyday collection of cool effortless recipes, that can stand alone or be souped-up with a cupboard full of simple high-impact flavour accessories.

A collection of brilliant ideas and recipes for healthy meals that are both quick and easy to prepare as well as tasting incredible, flash food is not just a way of cooking but a way of life. Using Laura’s clever and easy pastes, stuffings, glazes, dressings and condiments, fast flavourings quite literally flash in the pan and have been carefully designed to promote wellbeing and help readers keep trim and fit. This is the everyday cooking of the future, making the ordinary extraordinary.  Laura encourages readers to transform familiar basic everyday ingredients into a wide range of exciting and nutritious meals that draw on elements from the many famous cuisines of the world to keep the taste buds tingling.

Laura Santtini is an award winning food writer, cook and gastropreneur based in London. In 2009 Laura launched her groundbreaking scratch cooking preparation tool Taste #5 Umami Paste which has since become a worldwide phenomenon.

Modernist Cuisine by Nathan Myhrvold

Reprint Date: July 2011, Published by The Cooking Lab, RRP Hardback £395

“This book will change the way we understand the kitchen.”– Ferran Adria

Described by Tim Zagat as “The most important book in the culinary arts since Escoffier” and applauded by David Chang for being “The cookbook to end all cookbooks”, Nathan Myhrvold’s six-volume 2,400-page Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking, is a work destined to reinvent cooking.  The book is due to be reprinted in July 2011, after the initial production run completely sold out from pre-orders. Taschen are set to publish the book in French, German and Spanish at the end of this year.

Full of Flavour by Maria Elia

Publication Date: September 2011, Published by Kyle Books, RRP Hardback £19.99

Create….how to think like a chef. International recipes influenced by the Mediterranean, the Middle East and Southeast Asia for ‘Flavour Hunters’ looking for new exciting flavour combinations.

Full of Flavour features 18 of Maria Elia’s favourite ingredients, each of which she takes on a ‘flavour journey’. Whether its lamb, aubergines or lemons, Maria provides an insight into how she comes up with her bold flavour combinations and then encourages you to experiment with the recipes and make them your own. Each recipe can be adapted to suit your mood- so meatballs have an Asian orMediterranean twist depending on which spices or herbs you choose to add. With over 120 recipes and no end of variations, this book will give you confidence in the kitchen and get your creative juices flowing.

Maria Elia is Executive Chef at JOE’SDraycott Avenue. –

New Middle Eastern by Greg and Lucy Malouf

Publication Date: October 2011, Published by Hardie Grant Books, RRP Paperback £30

The Complete Middle Eastern Cookbook: subtle elegant and alluring recipes from one of the oldest and most sophisticated cuisines  in the world presented with exciting contemporary flair from the masters of modern Middle Eastern cooking.

Following on from the success of their award-winning books, Saha, Turquoise and Saraban, Greg and Lucy Malouf now offer a must-have collection of their delicious recipes.

The book is divided into chapters such as Soups, Dips, Small Plates, Large Plates, Bakery, Sweet and Larder, making it easy to find the recipe you are after. Discover the joy of Middle Eastern cooking with the mouth-watering recipes that Greg has created for the home kitchen, as he mixes centuries of tradition with modern techniques and flavours for both the home cook and experienced chef. With over 300 recipes included, this comprehensive recipe collection is sure to become a classic.

Audrey Gordon’s Tuscan Summer by Audrey Gordon

Publication Date: March 2011, Published by Hardie Grant Books, RRP Paperback £14.99

Audrey Gordon’s Tuscan Summer: Recipes & Recollections From The Heart Of Italy is not your regular cookbook, whilst Audrey Gordon is no ordinary chef.

Recently published by Hardie Grant Books, this is a tongue in cheek cookbook with recipes which work, dubious memories and stunning (well, that’s questionable) photography of the Italian countryside. Voted “three times Britain`s sternest chef” or so she claims, Audrey’s rambling tales of travelling through the heart of Italy, complaints about her husband, dinner etiquette and snippets of wisdom are thoroughly entertaining. Her satire is infectious.

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