Here at Spoon we’ve been chuckling away at the newest cookbook to arrive on our desks…

Audrey Gordon’s Tuscan Summer

Recipes & Recollections from the Heart of Italy

with Audrey and Phillip Gordon

Published by Hardie Grant, £14.99

Audrey Gordon’s Tuscan Summer is at first a cookery book like any other, but at second glance is an inversion of the library of culinary tomes we all have at home.

It doesn’t take long to realise that the Tuscans will eat just about anything! Buristo (pig’s blood salami), soprassata (cow’s head skin and tongue), picchiante (cow’s lungs) and ciberio (chicken’s heart, liver and cockscombe) all find their way onto the table. Yet, curiously, most people will draw the line at decaffeinated coffee.’

This hilarious pastiche is a counter narrative to the everyday chronicles of a gastronomic life; filled with do-able recipes alongside a tongue in cheek re-telling of a culinary autobiography. Where else would you find recipes for slow-baked quinces with mascarpone and the admission that ‘People hosting a dinner party will often worry that their guests are somehow “judging” them, looking to find fault with the meal or table setting. This is, of course, exactly what they are doing.’?

Hardie Grant’s publication is a satire conscious of all the controversies and ironies that season the empires of celebrity chefs and food writers. In this literary Monty Python meets Tuscan culinary adventure the reader can gorge themselves on Italian inspired dishes whilst chuckling at Audrey’s revelations:

As usual, the article was full of gross inaccuracies (‘selling out’) and wild exaggeration (I was not paid anything like the £2 million quoted!), so let’s just set the record straight, shall we? Agreeing to be the face of Kwik n’ Easy™ Ready-Cooked Home-style Frozen Meals was not a decision I entered into lightly. After years of passionately and tirelessly championing the importance of seasonal produce grown locally, it naturally took some convincing for me to lend my name to a product line that leaned so heavily on freeze-dried ingredients.

Throwing into relief all the tropes of the genre, this comic take is brought to you by the creators of the hit spoof-travel writers of Molvania.


Audrey Gordon is one of our best known and respected cookery writers. She started her career as a lifestyles editor at Formal Living magazine, before moving on to Implausible Homes where she forged a reputation for no-nonsense, practical food commentary.

Three times voted ‘Britain’s Sternest Cook’, Audrey’s first book Pressure Cooking was an instant classic, as was her follow up Fussy Food. Since then she has produced a string of titles, including: Let’s Blanch, Cooking with Lamb, Cooking with Beef, Cooking with Children, Audrey’s Kitchen, A Taste of Audrey and Audrey’s Aromas (now out of print).

She has been a long time contributor to BBC radio both as a presenter and the writer of many angry letters and has also presented numerous television series, including Audrey Gordon’s Ultimate Dinner Parties, Stuffed! And Feed Limit as well as hosting the studio-based food quiz A Question of Digestion.



PRICE: £14.99 Paperback

ISBN: 9781742700090

EXTENT: 208 pages

FORMAT:  260 x 215 mm

ILLOS: Full-colour photographs

CATEGORY: Humour/ Food & Drink

IMPRINT: Hardie Grant Books

For further information or to request a review copy, please contact:

Sarah Canet

+44 20 7610 9821

Sarah @

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