Bompass & Parr make a little more magic

Bompass & Parr has us in awe with their playful take on food. Their innovative work is driven by their “exploration of synesthesia, performance and setting affecting the taste of food”, quite a mouthful to say the least. To better grasp what that all means one needs to consider their projects, such as, boating through a grade one listed building filled with punch, or building a chocolate waterfall in Whitley’s, flowing at the tremendous rate of 12,000 litres an hour, to a breathable cloud of gin & tonic.

Their projects tend to sell out in seconds, but fortunately for us the team shall bring their mix of pure genius and cheeky wit to Selfridges on the 15th of December, with a hamper and a in-store installation which we can all explore. The Selfridges and Bompass & Parr Adventure Hamper aims to elevate hampers to their former glory, a time when hampers were about exploration, providing provisions to warriors, missionaries and adventurers alike in their ventures around the globe. The array of functional pickles and jams that help with malaria, altitude sickness, insect bites and jellyfish stings to more exotic kit like the hand customised ice axe, a Saint Barnard Keg filled with overproof gin, bio-luminescent lollies for mountain rescue seemingly put the typical Christmas hampers to shame.

The limited edition (of 5) hamper will cost a jaw-dropping £699. And one lucky (we think) owner wins a golden-glacee ticket to join B&P on an arctic adventure.

Ailsa & Tara.

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