Flash Cooking by Laura Santtini

Flash Cooking – Fit Fast Flavours for Busy People
Laura Santtini

Publication November 2011
Price £20

With Flash Cooking, Laura Santtini has christened the latest food trend and turned what is an exciting new cooking genre into a do-able and bite-sized philosophy for living a healthful 80/20 life. Flash Cooking moves scratch cooking one stop ahead as it incorporates the flourishing wellbeing culture.

Using world flavours to make the ordinary extraordinary, Laura shows how fit fast foods flash in the pan. The result is easy, healthful, nutritious and flavoursome meals that look beautiful, taste exceptional and at the same time promote positive well-being.

Flash Cooking is a way of life. It’s the everyday cooking of the future.

As a celebrated worldwide Mistress of Flavour, Laura has packed the front of the book with her Flavour Bombs giving us the tools to dramatically transform basic supermarket or corner shop ingredients into a wide range of exciting and nutritious meals.  She has divided the world of flavour into quarters – Western, Middle Eastern, Far Eastern and Indian – and given us the means – through her rubinades, pastes, finishing salts and yoghurts – to create our own kingdom of deliciousness. Together with her glazes, seasonings, props and dressings, Laura shows how easy it is to flash fit fast flavours and have the world licked at a glance.

Laura has produced an easily digestible map to world flavour and an introduction to a healthful way of life. With a mission to create a useful manual that was as realistic and truthful as it was flavoursome, the later section of the book sees Laura talk from the heart. For those who want to consume more than Flash Cooking’s delicious recipes, Laura calls upon her personal experiences to explain how she achieved a healthful lifestyle, showing how we can all be the best possible version of ourselves.

In Flash Cooking, Laura introduces the Flash Plate, Flash Flavours and Flash Umami. Flash Entertaining means you can keep your 80/20 life style and stay Flash whether dining at home or eating out. Encouraging us to lick the world whilst playing saucepan Sudoku, Laura discusses the Flash You and how we can cook our way to our healthful optimum weight without compromising the flavour of our lives.

We are excited to announce that Easy Flash Flavours will be at our fingertips when a range of healthful Flash Cooking tools are launched in Selfridges’ Food Halls and online this Christmas.

About the author

Laura Santtini’s first book Easy Tasty Italian won the Guild of Food Writers’ Jeremy Round Award for Best First Book in 2010.  In the same year, she translated her intense flavour combinations – central to the book – into an innovative and very successful range of food products, Laura Santtini’s Spellbinding Flavours, including her highly successful Taste #5 Umami Paste, which along with her first book is now sold around the world.

A charmingly, disarming writer and raconteur, Laura’s extraordinarily honest form of Gastrotherapy was first published by Waitrose Food Illustrated (front runner to Waitrose Kitchen) and most recently on AOL’S online magazine My Daily.

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