Young Turks Rooftop Takeover

We’ve just received an email filling us in on the next Young Turks event which we felt was too good not too share…

The event will be held on the 23rd and 24th August at Frank’s Cafe and Campari Bar in Peckham. Frank’s, for everyone not in the know, is temporary treat which pops up on the 10th floor of Peckham multi- storey car park during the summer promising some fantastic sunset views of the London skyline.

The Young Turks are going for something slightly different this time, using the unusual kitchen space to bring their guests a more casual type of dining. Food will be shared and hands will be used. Expect Grouse sausages, Ceps, Greengages, Lamb’s heart and other seasonal bits and pieces served across the communal tables.

Cocktails, wines and beers will be provided by Frank’s (Tip off- it’s cash only at the bar) all to a soundtrack by the boys from The Clove Club.

Email to book your place, tickets will be £26 with a £1 donation going to Save the Children. Please make sure your email states which date you’d like to attend and at what time- 6.30pm or 7.30pm.

PS. Young Turks events have a tendency to sell out quickly so get in there fast.


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