Bill Granger’s new PA gets her hands dirty

It’s my first day working for Bill Granger, and for the next couple of days I’ll be learning all about Bill and his hectic schedule at Spoon HQ.

The first assignment given to me by Sarah was a rather challenging one: cooking lunch for the team using one of the recipes in Bill’s new book, ‘Bill’s Everyday Asian’, which was officially released yesterday.

The book features a mouthwatering selection of recipes from the Orient, from Vietnamese Summer rolls to Japanese curry, and it took me a little while to find something to make as I wanted to cook everything!  I also had to think of the practicalities: making as little mess as possible both in the kitchen and down my dress (two things I am very prone to doing). The sticky soy roast chicken was calling out at me, but I wanted to save myself the embarrassment of licking off the oyster sauce dribbling down my chin.

I eventually decided on Vietnamese rice noodles with sticky prawns: a light, fresh dish flavoured with soy sauce, honey and lime, which made a perfect lunch.  Unfortunately my presentation skills didn’t quite match up to the pretty picture in the book, but Sarah managed to work her magic on the photography to make it at least look presentable.


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