Moderation in all Things with Laura Santtini’s Flash Cooking

Over coffee at JOE’S yesterday with Laura Santtini, a story from the morning’s news popped up-  a leading nutritionist (Dr Susan Jebb of the Medical Research Council) suggests GPs should send obese patients to weight-loss schemes rather than offer NHS help because they will see better results.

Always one step ahead, does Laura and her forthcoming healthful lifestyle manual, Flash Cooking, have an even better solution?

Laura showed us a poem from her book- Moderation In All Things- (penned by Dr William Kitchiner almost two hundred years ago) which perfectly illustrates the best way to obtain and maintain and a healthful life.

To read today’s NHS story go Here

Moderation In All Things

We now have made in one design
The Utile and Dulce join,
And taught the poor and men of wealth
To reconcile their tastes to health.
Restrain each forward appetite
To dine with prudence and delight,
And, careful all our rules to follow,
To masticate before they swallow.
‘Tis thus Hygeia guides our pen
To warn the greedy sons of men
To moderate their wine and meat
And eat to live, not live to eat.

Apicius Redivivus or the Cook’s Oracle Dr William Kitchiner (1817)

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