Curry in a Haresmoor hurry

As I’ve only just returned from a couple of months travel-researching I’ve certainly missed having a kitchen to experiment in. Having feasted in Istanbul it’s been with trepidation that I return to the kitchen and my unofficial role as Spoon lunchtime chef. I’m always anxious that there is enough flavour on the plate having three of the most discerning food fascists (surely a good thing!?) as my colleagues and surrounded by the tomes of so many professional cooks.

Perhaps because of the prematurely autumnal weather our lunchtime feasts have migrated early to the hearty and filling curry. Earlier in the week we had a curry that unfortunately disappointed; oily, without a depth of flavour and resembling a downmarket, late-night attempt at enforcing sobriety.

We rang our old friends at Hare’s Moor in desperation. Feeling our plight a selection of DIY Curry Kits arrived in the post this morning. With the spices perfectly proportioned and chunks of coconut and ginger to grate, alongside clear and simple instructions, I rustled up a delicious Korma Masala and fragrant Pilau rice. (Yes, I do say so myself – stealing the praise that Sally Hare and her daughter deserve). Yum Yum. It was so good for once we all sat in silence savouring the toasted spices, ground almonds and cashews that all enhanced the two dishes.

It might not have been as quick to the plate as our previous attempt, but was infinitely better. Apologies to Sarah who had to rush to a meeting and wasn’t left any for her return. Your three Spoon girls are just too greedy.

I’m ashamed to say that the reason (and a sure sign of success?) that there is no photo to illustrate our blog post, is that we were so greedy we only remembered the omission afterwards! I urge you, and am backed by a chorus of assertions from Spoon HQ, to DIY Curry Kit it yourself. Maybe you’ll have the self control we’re lacking and remember to take a picture. We’d welcome them.


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