What women want (to eat)

Laura Santtini’s Flash Cooking got a great write-up in Rose Prince’s column in Saturday’s Daily Telegraph. Rose highlights Laura’s intuition concerning women’s relationships with food, an issue that also featured in this weekend’s Daily Mail, where it was claimed that “women think about food more than SEX, as a quarter believe diets are more important than their relationships.”

Check out Laura’s Flash Cooking BLOG  for more details.

What women want (to eat)
Rose Prince

“From the flurry of cookery books published on Super Thursday this week, all of them vying for the Christmas bestseller list, I pick out Flash Cooking by Laura Santtini. Highlighting fast, easy-to-prepare, nutritious and flavour-packed food, the recipes are carbohydrate-free but indulgently spiced and sauced. I love it.

Santini, a restaurateur’s daughter, is a cookery writer who understands women and has written a book that addresses our tiredness and moods, changes and emotions.

This is more than can be said for Jamie Oliver, who this week moaned that his wife, Jools, does not “get” what he does.

After his petulant comments, Jools Oliver would probably prefer a copy of Santini’s book to her husband’s latest blockbuster. ”


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1 Response to What women want (to eat)

  1. How timely for Laura’s film pick yesterday! Loved meeting her, but it was a pity I never got to speak to you. We must put this right next time… Gosh, can’t believe JO said that….

    Luiz @ The London Foodie

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