Charcuterie Festival at Southbank Centre

QED- Charcuterie & Company: Festival of Cured Meats

Event Details:

Date/Time: Friday 28th, Saturday 29th, Sunday 30th October 11am – 8pm [6pm on Sunday)

Venue: Southbank Centre Square, Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road, SE1 8XX

 Admission Free


This first ever UK celebration and exploration of the world of charcuterie, taking place on Southbank Centre Square from Friday 28 – Sunday 30 October 2011, will bring together a rich diversity of artisans, importers and enthusiasts.

The central feature of the event will be a market offering a diverse range of cured meat products: hams, sausages, terrines, pâtés, blood puddings and the like.  Traditional and new wave British products will be complemented by a contrasting selection from Europe – Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Poland and Portugal – and also further afield. Products from the versatile pig will predominate, but beef, lamb, venison, duck and even exotica will stake their claim to cured delicacy status.

The overall emphasis is on quality and an opportunity to taste and discover. The majority of traders will be geared up to selling product in any quantity to take home for further sampling or a discovery session with friends. A number will provide hot and cold ‘street food’ to eat on the spot, complemented by a covered InTent2Eat marquee. Stalls offering artisan breads, condiments, beers, wines and soft drinks will facilitate feasting.


Lindy Wildsmith, cookery teacher and author of the much lauded Cured: salting, drying, smoking, spicing, potting, pickling and raw and Marc-Frederic Berry, aka ‘Le Charcutier Anglais’ will be two key attractions in a packed programme of free access tastings and workshops in the Event Tent designed to illuminate everything from the joys and toils of DIY home charcuterie, through the blood and guts of traditional puddings, to a comparison of the finest cured bacons and matured hams – not forgetting drinks to match.

QED London is a small independent company, organised for all Londoners and visitors, by a group of Londoners who have a wide range of interests and expertise in food, eating and drinking.  For further details, including a video of our Southbank Festival markets, see:,
Twitter: @qedlondon
Facebook: pages/Charcuterie-Festival

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