The Little Hastings & Rye Fish Cook Book 2

For their first book- The Little Hastings Fish Cookbook- Stewart and Sally Walton and Debi Angel rustled up over 50 recipes from Hastings’ residents, including Spoon HQ friend Maggie Alderson, local business owners and a couple of chefs including Rick Stein and Tom Aikens along the way.

Their new book, The Little Hastings & Rye Fish Cook Book 2, which is being released at the beginning of December, promises to be even better with recipes from locals Vic Reeves, the Sunday Times’ Sally Brampton and Nick Hale from St. Clements.

At only £5,  it is the perfect stocking filler.

“The sea can only provide for us if we don’t exploit its generosity. The Hastings fishing fleet helps by using the most eco-friendly nets to ensure that small fish escape and have time to grow into bigger fish and thrive…so we can eat them”


The Little Hastings & Rye Fish Cook Book 2 is a partner to the first book with a zingy change of cover colour and all new recipes and drawings inside. The book extends its reach to Rye and still costs only £5.

The idea remains the same – to pull together 50+ recipes gathered from local residents, fishmongers and chefs, plus information on places to buy fresh fish and other tasty supplies.

The plan is to raise people’s awareness in a delicious way and thus encourage them to support their local fishing fleet and fishmongers by eating the catch of the day.

Available online from and from Waterstones in Hastings, The De la Warr Pavilion Shop and most independent book, food and gift shops in and around Hastings & Rye.

Sally & Stewart Walton & Debi Angel’s little publishing venture SeaSaw Books is based in St Leonards on Sea, because when they saw the sea, they liked it … and decided to stay.

Stewart is a graduate of the RCA Illustration School, Debi is an Art Director best known for her magazine and book design and Sally writes. Their first collaboration, The Little Hastings Fish Cook Book was first published two years ago and has been a big local success. It is now in its 3rd print edition selling over 5000 copies so far.

For more information please contact
Sally Walton

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  1. My spouse and I like the manner in which you were able to convey things so simply at this site. Good stuff!!

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