Massimo Bottura celebrates 3 Michelin stars in Modena, Italy

Two weeks ago, chef Massimo Bottura was awarded a 3rd Michelin star for his restaurant, Osteria Francescana. It was the only new 3-star in Italy. There are now seven 3-stars in the country.

It also the first time in Michelin Italy’s 110 year history that the region of Emilia Romagna has claimed a 3-star within its boundaries.

A celebration was in order.

Massimo’s childhood friends, his team, their suppliers, his peers and admirers booked flights, jumped in cars and hopped on their bicycles. On a bitterly cold, dank and otherwise quiet Sunday afternoon they came together at HOMBRE, the farm of artisan Parmesan maker and vintage car collector Umberto Panini and threw one hell of a party.

The joy was palpable and the silky tortelloni a pasta masterclass in a mouthful.

It was an honour to have been invited and a memory I will cherish.

I’ve posted a few snaps below.


Osteria Francescana
via Stella 22,

Tel: +39 059 210118

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