Flash Larder Competition

Laura Santtini, author of Flash Cooking: Fit, Fast Flavours for Busy People has put together a special one-off FLASH LARDER for us to help you squeeze, spoon, splash, sizzle, sprinkle and stir your way through her collection of tasty world flavours.

Our first Christmas prize will arm cooks with a larder of inexpensive long lasting Flash flavours, so you can play Saucepan Sudoku by mixing and matching flavours until personal winning formulas are found.

Flash cooking is about learning to recognise the four corners of the world in the four corners of your local shop or supermarket and bringing them into your kitchen for use in diverse everyday meals.  All recipes focus on wellbeing and flavour, they feature ingredients, fish and meat cuts that are readily available in supermarkets throughout the country.

The FLASH LARDER includes a copy of Laura’s second book-Flash Cooking:Fit, Fast Flavours for Busy people and over 20 store cupboard Flash ingredients that promise to add some serious punch to your cooking.

Here’s to a flavour packed life both in and out of the kitchen!

Leave a comment in the box below and tell us how you might inject a bit of Flash into your cooking over the festive season. The more creative the comment the better (and Sarah’s decision is final!)

Entries close on Monday at 12pm, and we will announce the winner later that afternoon.

Spoon HQ

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5 Responses to Flash Larder Competition

  1. foodishthinking says:

    How would I get a bit of flash in my life? Hmmmmmm…

    Probably cover myself in umami paste. Too much?

  2. LUCY says:

    A crash of drums, a flash of light
    My golden coat, flew out of sight
    The colours faded into darkness
    I was left alone (in the kitchen with my flash larder cooking delicious festive treats)

  3. Kavey says:

    I use whatever is to hand to inject flavour whether it’s Marmite or chicken fat (collected from the last roast) or vinegar or honey or mustard or some 100% chocolate … it’s about thinking what flavour aspect is missing and looking in the larder to see what might fit! 🙂

  4. Alex Paton says:

    I like to use seasonal ingredients paired with store cupboard staples. Whether that’s beetroot brownies, spiced pumpkin tagine, sneaking kale into smoothies to fend off colds the options are endless. It’s by far the best way to cook. I currently have my heart set on making parsnip gnocchi with rosemary, melted butter & walnuts, with chocolate & chestnut truffle cake for dessert.

  5. roxy says:

    to end the famine i’ve been feeling,
    i need some flash fast food flavours in my future festive season.
    i’ll leave father christmas a fillet by the fire,
    and cook up a fabulous feast that santtini would admire.
    it will keep friends, family and me full and fat till february,
    so with my larder stocked i can focus on the feng shui of my christmas tree.

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