Spoon Christmas Competition

It’s Friday so that can only mean one thing… It’s the final Spoon Christmas competition!

Today we are giving away a Chocolate By Trish Chocolate Kit to the person who can create the most interesting word from the chocolate letters below (which are also part of the prize). So get thinking…

The competion closes 12pm on Monday and the winner will be announced on Monday afternoon. Good luck!

Spoon HQ Team x

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One Response to Spoon Christmas Competition

  1. Kavey says:

    Does it have to be a single word? Or can we do several?

    Using ALL the letters, I have:

    “Shame on Mrs Ox Pot!”
    “Ah! Stop Mormon Sex!”

    Or using some but not all letters, I have:
    “No Horny Parrot Sex!”
    “Sex Romp Shanty Room”
    both of which are perhaps a little too naughty!

    Or how about:
    “Oxo Snorter”
    “My Oxo Hamper” (I’d prefer a chocolate one, but one can’t always be so choosy!)
    or how about an
    “Oxo Hymn Rap”

    But incase it must be a single word, my favourites amongst the thousands and thousands and thousands would be these ones:
    Soothsayer (chocolate sooths the soul, right?)
    Metaphors (chocolate is a good metaphor for YUM, right?)
    Marmosets (nothing to do with chocolate but they’re cute critters)
    Monastry (for the worship of chocolate)
    Phantoms (who stole my chocolate, surely I didn’t eat it all already?)

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