The Evening Standard’s Victoria Stewart has launched a definitive guide into London’s exciting and growing street food scene. launched this week with the aim of keeping us updated on all the new carts, trucks. vans, stalls and wagons popping up all over the city serving fresh, delicious food for very reasonable prices. Providing you aren’t too fussy about sitting at a table to eat and don’t mind queuing, street food can offer something slightly different than your average restaurant and can be equally as delicious.

Bhangra Burger lorry

Abiye Cole of Big Apple Hot Dogs

Photos were taken from

The website currently lists sellers such as Big Apple Hot Dogs and Bhangra Burger and street kitchens such as The Airstream, with more to be added over the coming months. It also has a news feed which will be regularly updated with new street food tip offs and reviews.

All in all, it is looking like it will become a great go to guide for London foodies advising on a trend which is sure to become even bigger in 2012.

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