Modernist Cuisine Feast

Modernist Cuisine and Tom Douglas restaurants have joined forces to present the first and only Modernist Cuisine Feast to honour culinary education and social responsibility.

The feast will be held in the Palace Ballroom in Seattle on the 21st June featuring a mouth watering 30 course menu prepared by a team including Modernist Cuisine co-author Maxime Billet and several surprise guest chefs, accompanied by a selection of fine wines, beers and spirits native to North West America.

The team behind the feast say, ‘There exists a determined and constructive community of food organizations and advocates that have shown that bringing healthier, fresher foods to a larger proportion of the population is possible. Alice Water’s Edible Schoolyards, Farestart, Hunger Intervention Program community kitchens, Teen Feed, Hopelink, the Farmer’s Coalition, Chef’s Collaborative, Chefs Move to Schools and many more incredibly meaningful organizations are demonstrating the power of food education as a means for dramatic and necessary change.’ The purpose of the Modernist Cuisine Feast is to recognise and honour the work that these organisations do.

There are 25 seats open to the public which can be bought via live auction here.

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