The Angels of Parmesan

A group of firefighters in Italy have been tasked with venturing into some of the areas affected by the recent earthquakes to rescue thousands of pounds worth of Parmesan,  earning themselves the nickname ‘the angels of Parmesan’.

The Parmesan wheels which have been abandoned in the area around Bolgona, famous for it’s cheese industry and production, are worth around £340 each. If they are left to rot, it is expected to take its toll on the industry meaning prices will rise as the demand for the famous cheese remains high but the quantity limited. Suppliers are predicting a rise of around 15- 20% per wheel with the pinch being felt in restaurants, supermarkets and delis worldwide.

The earthquakes which took place at the end of last month were the strongest recorded in the region since the 1300s, killing four people and destroying many buildings including a handful of historical landmarks.

Thankfully Massimo Bottura and his team at Osteria Francescana were unharmed, although all are concerned about the effect the earthquakes will have on their suppliers. Reports suggest that the earthquakes have caused $254 million of damage to the agriculture industry in the region including damaged cheese, livestock and broken machinery.


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One Response to The Angels of Parmesan

  1. Kavey says:

    It makes me so sad when I see such pictures, having visited Parma to learn about the production of parmesan and parma ham only last year.
    On one hand, that people weren’t hurt and homes weren’t lost has to be a good thing. But to see these fine cheeses (and the livelihoods of those who make them) in such a state is painful.

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