Porcini seasoned scrambled eggs

It’s July, we are still wearing jackets and can’t leave the house without an umbrella. It is quite depressing, isn’t it?

Well, as you might have already read, yesterday was my first day at here at Spoon Pr. While reading and looking at the different clients, Laura Santtini’s Spellbinding Flavours really intrigued me. So at the end of the day I picked a pot of the Porcini Salt up and decided to use it this morning. Indeed, with this weather I would never get out of bed so, to start the day with a boost of positive energy, I decided to have a great breakfast. I made some eggs – scrambled, my favourite– and flavoured it with this Porcini Salt.  The result was unbelievable! This Easy Tasty Magic’s porcini seasoning really transformed my plain old eggs.

I am definitely going to try it again- as suggested- on salads, potatoes, meat and, why not, buttered toast.

You can find it at Selfridges or online at http://www.selfridges.com/en/Food-Wine/Categories/Condiments/Savoury/Porcini-salt_554-2001670-PORCINISALT40G/?getTheLook=Y&parentProductId=554-3001614-UMAMINOBU70G


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2 Responses to Porcini seasoned scrambled eggs

  1. Susy says:

    Sounds good!! Can I find Porcini Salt in Italy?

  2. spoonhq says:

    Unfortunately the Spellbinding Flavours collection is not yet available in Italy, but we are currently working on it. We will keep you posted!

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