Mad Food Camp- Reflections by Luciana Bianchi

We were disappointed not to have attended Rene Redzepi’s Mad Food Camp at the start of the month but thankfully, reading up on articles such as Luciana Bianchi’s piece on Fine Dining Lovers means we feel like we didn’t miss out completely.

As well as covering the basics, Luciana also identifies the top 12 topics which were addressed by nearly every speaker (notes on the key speakers can be seen in our earlier post on MAD). Interestingly, the top three came out as ethics (doing the right thing, not the easiest or the most profitable), care for the producers and the fact that there is no space for divas or big egos in the kitchen.

Luciana has also noted her highlights of the festival which include Massimo Bottura’s  horror movie showing on how far a mother would go to prove that her tortellini is the best and quotes from Feran Adria and journalist Andrea Petrini.

Thank you Luciana- we almost feel as though we were there!

We love this picture of Massimo Bottura and MAD founder Rene Redzepi. Photo from Fine Dining Lovers


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