The go to destination: Osteria Francescana

Yesterday, between writing an email and comparing different customers’ reviews, I heard Sarah and Ailsa talking about Massimo Bottura. With his restaurant Osteria Francescana, he is giving food lovers yet another reason to visit Modena – it’s not all Parmesan cheese and Balsamic vinegar.  How is it possible that I’ve never heard about such a highly acclaimed chef, and restaurant, at only 100km from my hometown?  Well, I guess that for an intern with an evening part-time job, it could be a bit out-of-reach.

But, I just need to go. I can’t miss his creations, or better still, his pieces of art. What intrigued me the most is that his artistic dishes are nature inspired, the colours are intense and they re-propose Italian traditional food in an abstract way. Something that my 85 year old grandma wouldn’t recognise at first sight, but at the first taste.

For example this Bollito misto non bollito, with six cubes of different meats and Parmesan crust.

Or this dessert- Potato that wants to be a truffle, a soufflé’encased in a potato skin with foam vanilla with slices of black truffle on top.

So, as I’m going to Verona next week-end for my brother’s birthday, I am going to suggest a short trip to Modena. A visit to the nearby supercar marquees – Ferrari and Lamborghini- would definitely make my brother’s day while a dinner at the Osteria Francescana would delight both my dad and me. However, if my dad won’t be in the mood for a sophisticated evening – and a sophisticated bill- I will suggest the offshoot brasserie Franceschetta58 that offers a more casual dining experience, perfect to share with family.


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