My last day

It’s funny how time flies when we are having fun. These few weeks have gone so fast and today my internship here at Spoon draws to an end.

I was very fortunate to find an internship that was directly related to my dream career and also given the chance to work with such amazing people (and I am not just writing that because this is their blog!). They gave me the chance to actually WORK in a professional atmosphere. They gave me an intern plan outlining all the different tasks I was expected to accomplish in these weeks and then I was left pretty much on my own to manage my time. However, as it often happens in real life, my days were never without unexpected tasks. What I found particularly useful was ‘on the spot’ scenario analysis “what would you do if you were in this situation?”

Much like any other graduate, it is time for me to head off into the work force and into “the real world”. I feel that this internship has given me a taste of what this is going to be like, even if some more junior work experience is needed to further springboard my career.

I had definitely a good time here and hope that this is not the end!

You can read my last blog post on Massimo Bottura in Taiwan here and my last Daily Dusting here.


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