My future cooking bible

I’m Rossana. I’ve just moved to London and I’m very happy to have landed my first work experience at Spoon PR.  Especially today  – which I’m told is publishing’s Super Thursday – as I get to have a look at an amazing cooking book

As a graduate student of Le Cordon Bleu I believe that techniques are everything and that there is a reason, either physical or chemical, why we cook the way we do. This book is a mind opener for me. It is going to change all my culinary techniques.

The book title says it all, Modernist Cuisine at Home. I didn’t think it was possible to do so many things without those fancy instruments that professional chefs have in their kitchen.  It explains in detail what regular kitchenware is capable of creating and how these items work. And it amazes me the potential that my kitchen now has.

Simple things that will impress your dinner guests that I have always thought I don’t have the extra time to bother with are explained in a simple way. Every step has an image so it feels like there is no way I can’t do this. After my first look at this book, I’m now going to start using my microwave to crisp my herbs.

Another thing that I found very useful was the inclusion of everyday recipes.  Everyone can master eggs sunny-side up with its impressive technique for it. It would completely change the way you eat breakfast.

I was hoping for this book as a Christmas gift, but I don’t think I can wait until that. So I’m going to get it this October. Then the first recipe I’ll be trying is going to be the Fruit Minestrone.

Rossana Consiglieri

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