For the Love of Cheese….Modernist Cuisine at Home

Mac and Cheese from Modernist Cuisine at Home

Today Nathan Myhrvold’s second book- Modernist Cuisine at Home– was launched in the UK. To mark the occasion, the BBC published an article called ‘Home Cooking with a Dash of Science’ which contains an interview with Nathan and the thoughts of Hervé This, Job Ubbink and Harold McGee.

The BBC have shared Nathan’s simple recipe for Mac and Cheese as a taster for those willing to add a bit of science in the kitchen in order to create perfection in the pan.

The sodium citrate in this recipe enables you to make a smooth full-flavoured cheese sauce, the silkiest you could ever imagine. Though sodium citrate might sound like an obscure ingredient, we found it very quickly and easily (Sarah bought hers next day delivery on Cream Supplies  and I found mine in a Kosher deli near my house).

The Modernist Cuisine at Home website also lays out the recipe which in contract to the BBC’s approach could look a bit daunting but once you you immerse yourself in their style of recipe writing following the instructions couldn’t be easier. The entry on their website also has a very handy “Melty Cheese” calculator – use not only when scaling the quantities up or down but also for determining the desired consistency of the cheese sauce.

Sarah made enough sauce for 5 people at the weekend and being only two, put half in the fridge. Tonight she plans to make a cheesy pasta bake using the remaining sauce (which will keep for a week in the fridge & can also be frozen), pasta shells, cubes of chorizo, all topped with freshly grated cheese (the remainder of the block she bought). When she likes something she can border on the obsessive.

Modernist Cuisine at Home can be purchased up and down the country from The Conran Shop to Amazon.


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