Christmas in a Jar with Le Parfait



Le Parfait, the stylish French preserving jars, relish the Christmas season with opportunities for preserving your sanity along with the harvest and ideas for spreading good cheer as thickly as your jam.

‘Festive dishes up your sleeve’

Food preserving for Christmas is not reserved for those with years of ‘jamming’ expertise, vegetable gardens, or kitchens laden with specialist equipment. Le Parfait’s easy to grasp heat preserving concepts and cooking techniques require only a few items; a hob, a sink and a pan, a pressure cooker is a bonus. Preparing food Le Parfait way gives home cooks the freedom to prepare delicious dishes and gifts in the autumn which are just as delicious when they are eaten in December.

A kitchen during Christmas can fill even the most accomplished home-cooks with dread. Preserving with Le Parfait ensures that delicious festive dishes are readily available for times when you’d rather be wrapping and unwrapping presents than cooking in the kitchen. With cupboards laden with filled Le Parfait jars, overstuffed fridge-freezers crammed with shop bought party food and the like are a distant memory.

Christmas Recipes

Home kitchens can really feel the strain on Christmas day, with oven shelves crammed with trays and hob burners turned up full blaze. Le Parfait allows the well-organised home-cook to prepare dishes long before the festive period begins. French chef Vincent, of London-based culinary team Estelle & Vincent, has prepared some delicious recipes for Le Parfait including a Spiced mulled wine, a boozy fruit-filled Christmas pudding and a selection of Christmas
trimmings such as ‘sweet braised red cabbage with chestnuts’ and ‘seasonal root vegetables.’ Hearty dishes such as ‘Pumpkin and lemongrass soup’ are available for those with Christmas food fatigue.

Impromptu Visitors

Don’t get caught out by unexpected guests over the holidays. Instead of cobbling together meals using Christmas day leftovers or serving up canapés from the freezer, home cooks can dish up meals that impress, nurture and satisfy. With a little bit of forward planning and a few Le Parfait jars, cooks can ensure that lovingly prepared, elegant dishes are ready to serve at the drop of a hat. Stored in a handy cupboard right next to a pile of pre-wrapped unisex gifts there is no reason to be caught out this Christmas.

Compassionate cooking

Preserving a home-made meal in a Le Parfait jar, not only allows cooks to capture the freshness of seasonal ingredients they have used, but also the care, thought and consideration that went into creating that recipe. A perfect way to show support for friends and family, next door neighbours and those less fortunate during the festive period.

‘Le Parfait way to give at Christmas’

Recipes for home-made gifting

Preserve with Le Parfait to create inexpensive, thoughtful one-of-a-kind gifts. A selection of jars containing homemade chutneys and condiments makes a lavish home-made Christmas hamper whilst Le Parfait’s smallest jars and terrines make the perfect stocking filler.

Le Parfait has an online library filled with easy-to-produce recipes for chutneys, terrines, jams and more. Some of our Christmas favourites include a beautifully spiced Mulled Wine Mixer, a fragrant Confit Scottish Salmon with Fennel and a delicious Quince Cheese.

‘Super’ Christmas presents

Le Parfait’s Super jars with their iconic embossed glass and wire hinges provide design conscious individuals with a stylish and innovative way to present their gifts. From chocolates and cookie mixtures to plants and home made bath salts the possibilities are endless. Le Parfait’s website sells a selection of beautifully designed adhesive stickers to decorate and personalise jars.

‘Deck the halls’

To create a festive feel around the home, place jars filled with baubles, flowers and candles around the room and personalise table settings using jars filled with photographs and hand written notes. Craft decedent gourmet displays for guests by filling jars with cranberries, clementines and chestnuts and delight Father Christmas with a Le Parfait jar filled with mince  pies and a carrot.

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2 Responses to Christmas in a Jar with Le Parfait

  1. Kavey says:

    Love the sound of the braised cabbage! I’ll check out the recipes. So far I’ve done one recipe in my jars, and have another 2 I want to try and then share my results on the blog. 🙂

  2. Kavey says:

    Can’t find the recipe for sweet braised red cabbage with chestnuts, don’t think it’s on their site yet. Would you be able to drop me an email once it goes up? x

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