Modernist Christmas gadget gift list

Yesterday, the guys in Seattle posted about their “Top Modernist Cuisine at Home Tools” and we thought those in those in the UK might appreciate a little local research into where you can buy all these handy kitchen gadgets. If you have a Modernist foodie friend or you are one yourself this may turn out to be your perfect wish list.

  • Digital Thermometer: This is the most critical tool for any chef to ensure properly cooked meats. We like the Super Fast Thermometer from As Nathan says “why waste time being a human thermostat?”

  • Pressure Cooker: for incredible time savings and more delicious results from the Modernist pressure cooker techniques, we recommend Tefal Secure 5 Pressure Cooker or for something more professional and quieter we love the Kuhn Rikon Pressure Cooking. There are many other pressure cookers available of course, but you definitely want to choose one with a spring valve.

  • Sous Vide Set-Up: Sous vide cooking allows, with the minimum of effort, to cook delicious food with incomparable taste and texture. Finding sous vide machines is becoming ever easier. We like the SousVide Supreme water oven, available from Lakeland or John Lewis.

  • Whipping Siphon: The whipping siphon is an indispensable Modernist tool that makes not only foams, but also quick work infusions, marinated meat, carbonates and carbonates fruit. You will need a gourmet whipper rather than a soda whipper such as the iSi Gourmet Whipper Plus.

If you are looking for more ideas and explanations click here.


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