The Cookery Book Give Away

I’m going to start by giving away some of my FRENCH cookbooks. There are fewer of them and because I almost never use them and in many cases, never have used them, they are much easier to part with.

Excuse the poor snaps – I’m in the office and it’s gloomy. Night is almost upon us.

Book 1: Sucree by La Duree, Paris


The Sucre by La Duree box

Comes in a beautiful eau de nil box which opens to reveal….


Sucre by La Duree

There’s a faint mark on the box but the book has never been used.

Rave reviews on Amazon here

Book 2: Macaron by Pierre Herme

I bought this prior to meeting the man. It’s never seen the inside of my kitchen. I’d rather visit his shop, especially now he has one in London.

by Pierre Herme

Macaron by Pierre Herme

These days the book is available in English but I didn’t want to wait so make no mistake the one I’m giving away is in Pierre’s mother tongue. It has been well reviewed on Amazon – 10 out of 14 reviewers gave it 5 stars.

Book 3: Le Canard de Julie by Julie Andrieu

Le Canard de Julie by Julie Andrieu

Le Canard de Julie by Julie Andrieu

A big, soft cover book with the tiniest wear. 95% perfect, possibly more.

Good lord, there’s only one person attempting to sell this book on Amazon and they’ve priced it at £180. I’m offering it to you for free.

Book 4: Petit precis de cuisine moleculaire by Anne Cazor & Christine Lienard

Why would I struggle through this when I now have a copy of Modernist Cuisine?

Never used. The tiniest of scratches on the cover. Here’s its Amazon listing.

Cuisine Moleculaire

Cuisine Moleculaire

The deal.

The books are in my office in Battersea. Post a comment if you want to swing by and pick one up. I’m in France for much of next week so I’ll check in again next Saturday 8 December and if there’s more than one person after a book I’ll put names in a hat and pick one out at random.


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6 Responses to The Cookery Book Give Away

  1. Juliehuber says:

    Hi Sarah:

    Unfortunately, I live in the US, and subscribe to your blog. I would be glad to pay for postage, if no one else lines up for: Book 3: Le Canard de Julie by Julie Andrieu

    What are you doing in France? Just came back from Paris and the whole meat thing is so huge there, bougcheries ala galore.

    Let me know, and I can forward you my Postal Address.

    All Best,

    Julie Huber Castleton, VA US

  2. Kavey says:

    Did reply to you on twitter, where you pinged me! Would love the Pierre Herme book, if possible.

  3. Louise says:

    I would love any of them as I am trying to improve on my French, having let it get very rusty! But I would particularly like the Laduree book.

  4. Rose says:

    I would love to have the La Durée book! I love macarons and when I’m in Paris I always visit the store. Of course in London as well 🙂

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