Final Cookery Book Give Away

Last, but definitely not the least- the selection of books that we are giving away today is books FROM AROUND THE WORLD.

Book 1: Saraban – a chef’s journey through Persia

We really loved this book by Greg and Lucy Malouf. A deep  journey through the culinary landscapes of ancient Persia and modern-day Iran.


The book is available to buy on Amazon

Book 2: A Vegetarian in Paris

The perfect book to bypass the famous frogs’ legs and foie gras of the haute cuisine capital and enjoy Paris cuisine like never before.


Even though this is a vegetarian guide of Paris, the book is English.

Book 3: Pret a diner – Tradizione Nuova, Italian Kitchen Reloaded

This book pays homage to Italian cuisine with the Italian star-chef Massimo Bottura.


Book 4: What Price Bordeaux?


A unique overview of the forces making Bordeaux wine what it is today. A source of incredible information and data.

Book 5: Lola Berry – Inspiring Ingredients

A health food bible filled with knowledge to enhance your overall health and well-being and recipes to tempt your palate.


Book 6: Feast Bazaar

This book follows TV chef Barry Vera’s travels through the spice markets of India, Morocco and Syria.

Drawing inspiration from the exotic street food, where herbs and spices star, this book has the perfect juxtaposition of  exotic and simplicity.


Read here Amazon reviews.

We are waiting for you in our office in Battersea. Come by to pick your favourite book up!


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3 Responses to Final Cookery Book Give Away

  1. Louise says:

    I would love Pret a Diner or Saraban!

  2. Sue stanners says:

    I would love vegetarian in Paris. I have a very good friend who lives in Washington and has an apartment in Paris and guess what she is a vegetarian in Paris, quite challenging !
    I know I have been to restaurants with her.
    I could pick it up any time.

  3. spoonh says:

    Hi Louise, sorry we have just spotted this comment! Can you email your details to

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