National Picnic Week with Le Parfait

National Picnic Week has been celebrating Britain’s love for an outdoor lunch for nine years now. Running from the 17th to the 23rd June 2013, the week will aim to address some of the major issues facing the food and drink industry as well as celebrating the picnic in all its glory.

Phil Browne is one of the organisers of National Picnic Week, ‘Picnics are loved by British people because of our desire to get out into the Great Outdoors but if you want to enjoy the countryside, there are a few challenges you have to consider. The weather is obviously one of them – what do you do if it rains? Our research has shown that more than 1 in 5 people worry about the Great British weather running their day. Keeping the kids entertained is another. The domestic tourism industry is worth a staggering £97 billion to the UK’s economy so it really is important that British businesses continue to provide world class entertainment to families.’


Le Parfait Summer 

Using Le Parfait’s stylish French preserving jars, home cooks can start their preparations for a ‘Le Parfait’ summer now. Barbecue condiments, cordials for picnics and summer terrines- stored in the cupboard and transported straight to the picnic rug- can be prepared months in advance meaning the only thing left to chance is the British weather.

‘The recipe for Le Parfait picnic’

Cool off with Le Parfait summer cordials

Le Parfait loves Diana Henry’s beautiful preserving book salt sugar smoke which includes delicious recipes for fruit-infused liquors and cordials, perfect for adding to an ice cold glass of sparkling water to cool off on a sunny afternoon or adding to spirits for a tasty barbecue cocktail. Cordials can be kept in the cupboard and used to mix a delicious drink for unexpected guests over the summer. Russian Plum Liquor, Rhubarb Schnapps and Raspberry and Rose Cordial can all be made the ‘Le Parfait’ way, using Diana’s easy to follow recipes in Le Parfait’s super jars.

Amber Rose’s delicious compotes are perfect for mixing with spirits and soft drinks, her recent book, Love Bake Nourish is filled with recipes and ideas. Summer favourites include Raspberry, Blueberry and Apple Compote and Plum Compote with Cinnamon and Star Anise which can all be made and stored in Le Parfait jars.

Homemade cordials can currently be seen on menus across London at cocktail institutions such as The Zetter Townhouse ( and 69 Colebrooke Row ( Newly opened BYOC bar ( in Covent Garden invites patrons to bring their own spirits from home which are then transformed by an expert mixologist using the bar’s selection of homemade cordials, seasonal fruits, herbs and spices.

With recipes from Diana Henry, Amber Rose and Le Parfait’s wide selection of glass jars, creative cocktail lovers can play mixologist at home, creating cordials that they have loving prepared months in advance and by serving drinks in decorated Le Parfait jam jars. Adding stacks of fresh fruit or a slice of cucumber makes light, pretty drinks that are great for serving as an aperitif at garden parties.


From cupboard to picnic rug

Recipes such as monkfish terrine, salmon rillets and pickled artichoke hearts can be found on Le Parfait’s website and can be prepared in advanced, then picked from the cupboard and thrown into a picnic basket for last minute picnics when the fridge is bare. Paired with a light summer salad and some crackers, oatcakes or fresh bread these jarred-delights make a welcome change from a soggy cucumber sandwich or an underwhelming slice of quiche at  family festivals or summer season parties this year.

During a typical British summer time, opportunities for al fresco eating are rare. So why not ensure that summertime kitchen cupboards and pantries are laden with filled Le Parfait jars to make the most of every minute of warm weather?


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