Chris Young, a Young British Foodie (and he didn’t give himself that title)

Earlier this morning on Twitter……

Chris Young, Sarah Canet, twitter

On the 11th September 2013, Chloe Scott from the Metro, ran a piece on the 2013 Young British Foodies (YBF) awards and I couldn’t have been more delighted than to see former employee, Chris Young being rightly rewarded.

Moving from the travel arena to food, Chris served time in agency PR, before moving happily and comfortably on to become campaign co-ordinator at The Real Bread Campaign, part of the charity Sustain. The Real Bread Campaign is all about making bread that is free of artificial additives and therefore better for us, our communities and the planet.

In light of his recent YBF award, Chris’s campaign fight certainly seems to be paying off. Indeed, chef and TV presenter Gizzi Erskine called him, “a powerhouse, genuine and inspiring”.

You can find out more about the Real Bread Campaign by visiting their website (www.sustain.web) or following them on Twitter (@realbread).

To highlight how proud Spoon PR are of their former employee, we have snapped and uploaded the part featuring from today’s Metro:

Chris Young, Metro, 11.09.13_Page_1

You’ll always be Young, Chris!

With love and best wishes for a future full of real bread, sandwiched with yet more success,


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One Response to Chris Young, a Young British Foodie (and he didn’t give himself that title)

  1. Kavey says:

    Agree, think Chris’ approach and achievements with the Real Bread Campaign have been phenomenal!

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