‘is art’ at Le Quartier Francais: new exhibition of ‘Art in Clay’

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In Franschhoek (home to Le Quartier Francais and ‘is art‘), the month of October has become known for its ceramic festival. This year, to ring the changes, is art has asked local artists to revisit the porcelain of the VOC (a Dutch acronym for the Dutch East Company), and additionally give it their own interpretation.

The VOC, a chartered company, was founded in 1602 where they competed fiercely with the Portuguese as traders of porcelain. In dislike of the competition, the Dutch seized the porcelain from the Portuguese vessels and named their newly acquired treasure as Kraak. The VOC then shipped Kraak in huge quantities and soon it was a commonplace item in Dutch interiors.

Sixteen local artists, including including Nicolene Swanepoel, Christine Gittins, Ellalou O’Meara, Iwan Labuschagne, Lisa Firer and Gabrielle Raaff have taken up the challenge of re-visiting the story of The VOC and will be displaying their interpretations and style at ‘is art’ from 6th – 31st October 2013. Further details can be found below.

Event: Art in Clay Exhibition

Venue: is art at Le Quartier Francais

Address: 16, Huguenot Street, Franschhoek

Date: 6-31st October 2013

Gallery Hours: Weekdays (9.00 – 17.00) & Weekends (10.00 – 17.00)

Enquiries: Isle or Alisha at isartlqf.co.za or 021 876 8443

Website: www.is-art.co.za or www.lqf.co.za

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    Sounds so interesting, thanks for sharing!

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