You Can’t Teach a Hungry Child

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Le Quartier Francais, the boutique luxury hotel in South Africa (, is thrilled to announce that two of its chefs are becoming involved with the big-hearted non-profit organisation ‘Peninsula School Feeding Association’ (PSFA); an organisation established in 1958 to address the problem of hunger in children of the Western Province of South Afrcia, while they are at school ( A much needed service, considering that three out of four children in the Western Cape go to school hungry and the inability of children to learn effectively on an empty stomach is well documented.

In support of this fantastic cause, Margot Janse from the acclaimed Tasting Room Restaurant ( as well as Neil Jewell from the more laid back Bread & Wine Vineyard Restaurant ( will be joining two other notable South African chefs, Chris Erasmus and Reuben Riffel, to create a unique six-course dining experience for their lucky and supportive diners.

“Creating fantastic food and experiences for our guests get a deeper meaning when balancing it with feeding the needy. Life is very tough for so many around us. We can not do our job with blinkers on. We simply can’t only cook to perfection and block out the hungry children just around the corner. We need to give back, it’s obvious.” Margot Janse

“The work done by the PSFA hits home… we have kids, they need to eat – so do all kids.” Neil Jewell

However, this is dinner with a difference. This fabulous four have been set the challenge of creating their feast using only the PSFAs staple ingredients such as samp (dried corn kernels that have been stamped and chopped into a product similar to the size of pearl barley), beans, maize, carrots, lentils and sugar beans (a crop similar to the more well known pinto bean).

What makes these key ingredients so special? Firstly, they are cheap, an important consideration when feeding the masses. Secondly, they are all nutritional powerhouses. High in protein, fibre and vitamins such as vitamin C (important for immune health) and iron (for healthy blood cells) these foods are the building blocks of healthy minds and bodies.

In light of the above, it is no surprise that whilst the PSFA is specifically intended to address hunger in school-age children, the meals all provide at least 15% of a child’s recommended daily allowance (RDA) for energy, and 40% of protein, therefore positively impacting these children’s nutritional status as well as their brainpower.

This is an event with food at its heart and for all the right reasons.

Date:  12 Oct 2013

Time: 18.30

LocationGranger Bay Hotel School Restaurant, Mouille Point, Cape Town


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