Le Creuset comes to Franschhoek

LE Creuset 2 edited

Le Quartier Francais (http://www.lqf.co.za) is excited to announce that it has teamed up with legendary cookware specialist Le Creuset (http://www.lecreuset.co.uk), where on the 1st October 2013, this luxury boutique hotel in Franschhoek opened a Le Creuset pop-up shop within its walls.

The shop will have a range of Le Creuset’s best sellers, in all the bright and bold colours that the brand is known for (much like Le Quartier Francais itself). It will also offer some of South Africa’s finest wine, and a range of specially created Le Quartier Francais merchandise designed to complement the Le Creuset products such as: aprons, recipe cards, notebooks, a bespoke range of knives, and Tina Jewell’s famous fudge from Bread & Wine.

This new addition to the Le Quartier Francais landscape now means that not only can guests of the hotel take back a lasting memory of their stay but the locals of Franschhoek will always be able to find the perfect gift, without having to venture away from the village.

Susan Huxter, owner of Le Quartier Francais, sums up the collaboration between the two brands by saying that, “Le Creuset and Le Quartier Francais are wonderful complements to each other, with fantastic synergy. We are thrilled to be hosting a Le Creuset shop”.

To mark this new venture, Le Quartier Francais’ consultant barman Matthew Roberts, created an aptly named cocktail in honour of the event, Le Creuset 75 (a heavenly concoction of gin, lemon, champagne and Earl Grey flavours), which all visitors to the store were able to sample courtesy of Le Quartier Francais!

drink edited

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2 Responses to Le Creuset comes to Franschhoek

  1. argone says:

    I love le Creuset products, it’s so great to cook with colorful cookware !

  2. spoonhq says:

    Me too…….and Le Quartier Francais obviously agree!

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