Christmas and New Year at the World`s Best Italian Restaurant- Massimo Bottura`s Osteria Francescana

Christmas and New Year`s Eve news from Italy`s finest restaurant; Massimo Bottura`s 3 Michelin starred Osteria Francescana in the heart of Modena.

“In my future I see more future. And my best recipe is the one I have yet to make.” Massimo Bottura 

Farm Africa’s World’s 50 Best Restaurants Christmas Auction
On the 28th November, Farm Africa’s World’s 50 Best Restaurants online auction will be offering up an exclusive prize lunch for two at Osteria Francescana on eBay to raise funds for its life-changing work in eastern Africa.

The successful bidder will have the unique opportunity of enjoying a wine matched tasting menu- Tradition in Evolution– knowing that the money they bid for the meal will be used by Farm Africa to help tackle one of the most pressing problems facing the world today: hunger.

Further information about the auction, and other restaurants participating, is available via Farm Africa’s dedicated microsite, available here:

Gifting at Osteria Francescana
At Osteria Francescana, we facilitate all kinds of culinary gifting and take enormous pleasure in doing so. It is one of the things we like to do most.
In many cases, people like to gift meals as a birthday present, wedding gift or anniversary so our team works with the purchaser to put together a personalised menu that will suit the guests` special occasion. They can choose from the restaurant`s 3 tasting menus- Classics, Tradition in Evolution and Sensations- and we complete with wine matching.
The `gift` is paid for by bank/wire transfer and arrives as a beautiful pdf menu, with the name of the guests as well as the givers. It is then up to the guests to make a reservation.” Enrico Vignoli, Osteria Francescana.

For more details, please contact


Tradition in Evolution at Christmas
Osteria Francescana closes for the holidays from the 24th till the 26th December so my mother, brothers, children and cousins, as well as some friends and colleagues, always celebrate Christmas Eve together at my house. We make toasts here and there around Modena, exchange gifts and good cheer. Often we all meet up in my off shoot brasserie Franceschetta58 for a couple of glasses of bubbly and some prosciutto or smoked salmon.  My family will usually arrive around 8 pm at our house but the table will have been set for hours. The kitchen is sparkling clean but I am no where to be found. Then, like Santa, I show up, arms full of prepped food, ready to go by 8:30. By 9 pm, the first plates are on the table. It happens the same way every year and every year they think I am not going to show up!

I prepare dishes that are part of my tradition and family heritage- I serve my children the same kind of Christmas lunch I had growing up. It is a way of sharing my past with them and also having them connect with their grandmother and the place they live in. I believe in the value of tradition. Nothing is better than preparing the tortellini the day before all together as a family – grandmother and grandchildren working together. That is what Christmas is all about.” Massimo Bottura
Come around the world with us- New Year’s Eve by Massimo Bottura at Osteria Francescana.
Like a culinary flying carpet, secure a table and devour a voyage around the world with Massimo Bottura whilst celebrating New Year’s Eve at Osteria Francescana in Modena, a heady combination.
‘We travel to open our eyes and expand our horizons. Journeys become recipes inspired by the culinary traditions we encounter.’  Massimo Bottura
A nine course menu with matching wines will be served in the culinary jewel box in Modena’s old town on the evening of the 31st December. Cooked by Massimo Bottura and his dedicated team, inspiration has come from the many locations the chef has visited and the people he has met throughout 2013.
From the Maine coastline, which inspired the dish ‘On the rocks’ to Taiwan, the inspiration for the final dish of the night, ‘Midnight in Taipei’, to places closer to home, the globe is embraced.
The full menu with wines can be seen at
Reservations can be made via



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