Sweet Retreat: Shunde Double-layer Milk Custard

Hi there, it’s Jia again. I don’t know if you’ve tried the Chinese restaurants in my last blog, but I thought you might want to know how to prepare a speciality Chinese dish of your own!

Don’t be frightened by complicated Chinese cooking methods and unfamiliar ingredients. Today, I’ll teach you and you won’t spend a day in your kitchen stir frying/steaming/blanching/simmering/braising/deep-frying/roasting/smoking spare ribs/tofu/chicken breasts/carp/whatever with cooking wine/soy sauce/ starch/aniseed/whatever, ending up with something even you don’t want to look at.

You can get the ingredients from Waitrose, TESCO or Sainsbury’s, then spend half an hour (you might not even need that long) in your kitchen and surprise yourself and your family.

Shunde Double-layer Milk Custard (顺德双皮奶), also known as Double-skin Milk, is a traditional Shunde (Guangdong Province) dessert. It’s also one of the most popular Cantonese desserts. Best for summer, but you see, in the UK summer doesn’t stay long enough.

Double-layer Milk Custard, Source: 7808.cn

Double-layer Milk Custard, Source: 7808.cn


250ml Whole Milk (you need to use milk which has not been homogenised (see here) so that a layer of cream can form on top of the milk; if you can’t find this type of milk it’s not the end of the world, just ignore all relevant steps and call your dish ‘Shunde Milk Custard’)

one uncooked egg white (500ml milk requires two, and so forth)



Step 1: Heat the milk, but don’t boil it.

Step2: Pour the heated milk into a bowl (A) and allow it to cool.

Step3: After a layer of cream is formed on top of the milk, pour the milk into another bowl (B). The layer of cream is supposed to stay at the bottom of bowl A without being broken.

Step 4:  Mix up sugar and milk. You can prepare your steamer now.

Step 5: Stir up the egg white and milk, skim the foam from the mixture.

Step 6: Pour the mixture back to bowl A (the layer of cream is still at the bottom), as slowly as possible, so that the layer of cream can float on top of the mixture.

Step 7: Cover bowl A and steam in medium heat for 10-15 mins.

Could-be Step 8: Keep it in the refrigerator (for as long as you like), remove cover, and put cherry (or blueberry, mango,raisin, almond, honey bean, etc.) on top.

And you know what to do next…

Don’t forget to share your photos and discoveries with us.

PS: Recipe is based on 百度文库(英文菜谱-双皮奶), Docin.com(双皮奶制作过程英文版), and my own kitchen experiments.

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  1. argone says:

    Thank you for this recipe ! it must be delicious !

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