Bill’s Italian Food by Bill Granger is out now!

Bill Granger’s latest cookbook, Bill’s Italian Food goes on sale in the UK today. Featuring easy to make at home, delicious, Italian style recipes like Orecchiette, Broccolini and Chilli, which inspired a similar dish of Orecchiette with Spinach, Sausage and Ricotta sometimes seen on the Granger & Co menu in Notting Hill.

More details are below, to buy your copy click here.

Bill's Italian Food

Bestselling TV cook Bill Granger brings his trademark fresh flavours and easy-going recipes to the much-loved food of Italy.

The cornerstone of Bill’s cooking is also the cornerstone of the best of Italian cuisine: simple, flavoursome dishes with short ingredient lists and uncomplicated methods, centred on ingredients that are easy to find and needn’t be expensive. And better yet, those ingredients don’t have to just be tomato, mozzarella and basil, the usual suspects of Italian cooking, but neither do they need to be deli-sourced truffles or champagne-priced olive oil. Bill offers a bold new twist on this hugely popular cuisine.

There’s a Roman saying along the lines of: ‘the more you pay, the less well you eat’; Bill shows you how to take common ingredients from your supermarket and achieve healthy and satisfying Italian-inspired dishes.

Divided into themed chapters – from quick and easy suppers and deliciously stress-free meals for friends, to no-fuss oven-baked comfort food, lazy weekend food and big Italian-style get-togethers – Bill’s Italian Food will bring fresh ideas to your kitchen. And along with the mouth-watering pastas, meats, salads and grills you’ll be serving happiness, comfort and joy.

One again Bill Granger offers maximum flavours with minimum effort giving Italian food an inspiring makeover to tantalise the tastebuds as well as fit into our busy lives.

About the author: BILL GRANGER is a restaurateur and self-taught cook whose relaxed and joyful approach to food is an essential element of his enduring popularity. Bill opened his first restaurant, bills, in Sydney at the age of 22 and now has three restaurants in Sydney and four in Japan. His much-anticipated first London restaurant, Granger & Co, proved an instant success when it opened in November 2011. Bill’s television series have been viewed in 30 countries worldwide. Bill is based in London and Sydney with his wife and daughters.

Published by Harper NonFiction on 13th February 2014

Hardback £20, eBook £12.99

For further information, interview enquiries and recipe extracts please contact Virginia Woolstencroft on 020 8307 4436 or email

For press enquiries in Ireland please contact Moira Reilly on 040461822 and 087 2521240 or email

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