Osteria Francescana ranks #3 at The World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards 2014. Italy’s highest ranked restaurant for 6th consecutive year.

“We have grown slowly and put down deep roots. I share this acclaim with the people and producers of Modena, Emilia Romagna and Italy without whom none of this would have been possible.”   Massimo Bottura

At The World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards ceremony held at London’s Guildhall, Chef Massimo Bottura’s intimate and innovative Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy secured the third place spot for the 2nd year running.
Chef Bottura and his team were delighted with this year’s placing which recognises both the level of dedication, passion and creativity at Osteria Francescana and the appreciation of their cuisine from chefs and critics across the globe. Osteria Francescana has now been the highest ranked Italian restaurant for the past 6 years, cementing Massimo Bottura’s position as the leading figure of a new generation of Italian chefs.
Since opening in 1995, Osteria Francescana has been no stranger to awards and critical acclaim.  It gained its first Michelin star in 2002, a second four years later and a third in 2011. The restaurant entered The World’s 50 Best Restaurants as the ‘highest new entry’ in 2009, going straight in at #13. 2010 saw it leap 7 places to a position inside the top 10 and 2011 saw it climb further into the top 5, where it has remained since, with Bottura also taking home the prestigious Chef’s Choice award for Osteria Francescana that year. Massimo Bottura was crowned ‘International Chef of the Year’ by US food bible The Daily Meal in 2012 and in March of this year was presented with the White Guide Global Gastronomy Award 2014.
2014 promises to be just as significant a year with the opening of Chef Bottura’s first restaurant outside of Italy- Ristorante Italia di Massimo Bottura- in Istanbul’s new Eataly store in the spring and a book- Never Trust A Skinny Italian Chef- to be published by Phaidon in the autumn.
Osteria Francescana and Bottura’s other restaurant offshoot brasserie Franceschetta58, are both situated in his hometown of Modena, in the culinary-rich region of Emilia-Romagna. In a former osteria, transformed into a Mecca of contemporary culture, Chef Bottura’s plates are adorned with references to experimental art, peppered with social, political and historical implications and laced with a healthy sense of humour.
At Osteria Francescana, tradition is seen from ten kilometres away. Italy’s exceptional ingredients and classic dishes are re-evaluated with the benefit of critical distance, ensuring that the Italian Kitchen is free to evolve. Bottura is dedicated to reconstructing Italy’s cultural heritage- not deconstructing it. This intelligent evolution of Italian traditions can be seen in plates such as “Come to Italy with Me” and “Compression of Pasta and Beans” where the rules have been bent and come full circle, constantly reminding diners of Italy’s rich gastronomic heritage. “Risotto Cacio e Pepe”, for example, is a meditation on tradition created as a direct response to the May 2012 earthquakes in Emilia which damaged nearly 400,000 forms of Parmigiano Reggiano.
Diners are able to choose from the A La Carte menu or from the restaurant’s three Tasting menus: the Traditions menu pays tribute to Emilia Romagna in ingredients, traditions and terroir whilst the Classics menu is a ‘best of Osteria Francescana’ which is updated and revised based on the best plates from that year. The Sensations menu includes seasonal expressions from the experimental kitchen and is constantly evolving.
Osteria Francescana, Via Stella, 22, 41121 Modena, Italy.
Osteria Francescana is closed for Saturday lunch and all day on Sunday. Reservations are essential


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