Granger & Co opens in Clerkenwell

Bill Granger’s second London eatery has opened its doors on Clerkenwell Green. Open from breakfast 7 days a week, the all-day dining space offers somewhere inviting to relax and refuel with a meal, a coffee or a cocktail, whatever the mood or the hour, work or play.

Granger &Co Clerkenwell Interior © Mikkel Vang

Granger & Co Clerkenwell  © Mikkel Vang

A fan of Clerkenwell since relocating to London from Sydney in 2009, Bill’s appreciation of the area’s distinctive architecture and sizable creative community, meant it was always a favoured spot for a neighbourhood restaurant serving those that live or work in the area. Bill’s menu inspiration is global: from the East West amalgam that is Hawaii, sunny Sydney and Japan to the absorption of the Italian kitchen, the latter’s flavours being the focus of Bill’s latest cookbook, Bill’s Italian.

Cold-pressed and freshly squeezed juices are available for the health-conscious throughout the day, as well as salads such as Tea smoked salmon, green tea noodles, samphire and daikon and Coconut chicken, nashi pear, watercress and avocado pepper the tables, whilst Shrimp burger with jalapeno mayo or Crab, chorizo and house-made kimchee fried rice sustain after brunch. Bill’s new crisp pizzas are a revelation; potato, tofu, parmesan and ‘dancing’ bonito is his personal favourite savoury sensation and a homage to his time in Tokyo as an art student.

Granger & Co Clerkenwell Pizzas- Potato, Tofu, Parmesan and Bonito and  Shrimp, Fennel and Salsa Rossa © Mikkel Vang

Granger & Co Clerkenwell Pizzas © Mikkel Vang

The restaurant decor was devised by Sydney designers Meacham Nockles McQualter who again have realised Bill’s vision. Light, spacious and elevated from the pavement, the dining room benefits from large windows which offer up views of the magnificent trees in the grounds of St James’s church. Birdhouse sculpture Spontaneous City in the Tree of Heaven by can be seen embracing one of the towering trunks. The church itself is one of the prominent features of Clerkenwell Green. Although the green has not had any grass for over 300 years, it is one of the better preserved village centres in what is now known as Central London.

Granger & Co Clerkenwell - Chilli Fried Egg and Bacon Brioche Roll with Spiced Mango Chutney and Rocket © Mikkel Vang

Chilli Fried Egg and Bacon Brioche Roll with Spiced Mango Chutney and Rocket © Mikkel Vang


In the restaurant, soft leather banquettes, chosen to maximise comfort, match the restaurant’s relaxed feel. Beautiful 1960s Italian wall lamps accent the design. Artworks by Australians Polly Borland and Eliza Hutchinson, including an eery portrait of Lindy Chamberlain, as well as pottery creations by Paul Davis, can be seen around the room, further strengthening the Antipodean connections.




Granger & Co Clerkenwell

50 Sekforde Street

London EC1R 0HA

T: 020 7251 9032

Follow Bill Granger on Instagram at

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