Painting nature: CHEF SHAUN HERGATT AT JUNI New York


At Juni New York, Australian Chef Shaun Hergatt creates lifetime memories for guests with a highly technical yet highly personal fine dining experience, where elegant, vibrant dishes relay the beauty of nature and recall the Chef’s childhood in remote Cairns.

Shaun Hergatt

Shaun Hergatt

Loosely translating to “the heart of the season,” the boutique restaurant, which opened in August 2013 and is set within Manhattan’s Hotel Chandler, offers menus that embrace many micro-seasons. Chef Hergatt who obtained 2 Michelin stars for his previous restaurant SHO, champions only the ripest of produce at Juni, so ingredients such as ramps and apricots feature for a few weeks when they are at their very best and then are retired to make room for something even riper.


Shaun’s Cherry Ripe

Toybox Tomatoes

Toybox Tomatoes








“My family lived on a remote farm where seasonality and sustainability were a hugely important part of our day to day life. We had bananas, passion fruit, corn, cherries and tomatoes growing all around us and because the next houses and shops were miles away from us, hunting, fishing, growing and cooking were how I entertained myself as a child.” Shaun Hergatt

Chef Hergatt`s observations and musings on nature are lovingly captured and exquisitely executed on the plate. The Frog and The Fava Bean uses the seed, shoot and blossom of a single plant and looks as if it has been freshly plucked straight from the earth, whilst the nostalgic ‘Cherry Ripe’ dish is both an homage to the Australian chocolate bars Hergatt ate as a child and also to the beauty and simplicity of the cherries he used to pick from his family’s backyard.

Juni Entrance

Juni Entrance

More on Chef Shaun Hergatt and Juni soon. In the meantime, his photos via Instagram and Twitter are well worth following:




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