Fresh flowers, dried petals and leaves – Petersham Nurseries 10th Anniversary Tea Blend

Naturally various types of tea were tasted and discussed at yesterday’s celebratory Tea Tasting event at Petersham Nurseries lead by Jennifer Wood of Canton Teas. From her award-winning Silver Needle White Tea to her Organic Chai and her exquisite Jasmine Pearls nothing could top her latest creation, a tea blend for Petersham Nurseries 10th Anniversary Tea Blend.


Jennifer Wood, a passionate advocate of traditional whole leaf Chinese tea, was there to introduce the blends and explain the process from picking the tea leaves to how to brew the perfect pot.

The highlight of the event was the first tasting of the Petersham Nurseries 10th Anniversary blend. Created by both Jennifer Wood and Jeeka McVicar, who is well-known throughout the gardening fraternity as the queen of herbs, the Petersham tea is designed to be the perfect tea for a summer garden party and will be served at their anniversary celebrations across this weekend.


Inspired by a British summer garden the blend is named Giardino (by Petersham Nurseries garden loving Italian owner). It is composed of fragrant herbs and flowers including rose petals, strawberry leaf, mint and marigold.



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One Response to Fresh flowers, dried petals and leaves – Petersham Nurseries 10th Anniversary Tea Blend

  1. We love Petersham Nurseries, so much that they were one of the first places we reviewed for our blog. Will most definitely have to try this tea!

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