Antidote - White bread, Viennoise, Smoked Rye bread, Sourdough by Georgia Glynn Smith 2
A few months ago, Mikael Jonsson of Michelin starred Hedone, quietly took another kitchen under his wing. The kitchen belonged to Antidote, a wine bar just off Carnaby Street in London’s Soho. The secret didn’t stay a secret for long. His sourdough bread was recognised by a well tuned food blogger and although he didn’t name Mikael, the guessing game began. Has ever a secret chef been revealed by his sourdough? Quick on her feet, Faye Maschler visited and proclaimed the bread to be ‘simply the best in Britain’.This set Mikael and the team at Antidote thinking.Yesterday, in typically discrete style Project Tartine commenced and downstairs in the bar Antidote began serving a lunch formule of tartines on Mikael’s exceptional bread. The menu will be available until 5pm every week day.
Smoked rye bread, smoked salmon, chicory leaves & cucumber shaves

Smoked rye bread, smoked salmon, chicory leaves & cucumber shaves

Designed for those tired of tasteless sandwiches who would like a moment away from their desk, the menu will change regularly. It will consistently offer high quality ingredients and honour exceptional produce, carefully chosen by Mikael and Antidote head chef Chris Johns.
Antidote - Sourdough bread, caponata, radishes, celery shaves and watercress by Georgia Glynn Smith 2

Caponata, radishes, celery and watercress on sourdough

The opening menu sees Chicken, dill mayonnaise, mustard frisée and romaine lettuce on baguette viennoise sitting alongside Smoked salmon, chicory leaves and cucumber on smoked rye. The ‘best bread in Britain’, the brown sourdough, plays host to a topping of Caponata, radishes, celery and watercress. A Croque Monsieur on Pain de mie completes. All breads are made on site at Hedone in Chiswick. Prices for the tartines start at £5.00, they can be paired with a glass of juice for £2 or the natural wine bar’s house wine for £3.

Viennoise bread, chicken, bacon, mustard leave & frisee

Baguette viennoise, chicken, bacon, mustard leave & frisse

Mikael continues to oversee the menu both upstairs and in the bar at Antidote. He is a self taught cook, whose restaurant Hedone currently holds 63rd place on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list and picked up its first Michelin star less than 12 months after opening. Mikael had never worked in a kitchen prior to opening the restaurant.Follow Antidote on Twitter for menu updates
Visit the Hedone website for more information
Visit the Antidote website for more information
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