Preserving Classes around the world

Le Parfait has gathered together some of their favourite Preserving Classes from around the world. We thought you might be interested to know about the ones here in the UK…

The UK

The Women’s Institute Denham College in Oxfordshire has seasonal preserving classes for beginners and the more experienced. All take place over the course of three days and the cost includes overnight stays at the Georgian Mansion, in the picturesque village of Marcham, where the college is housed. Places tend to fill up fast so book well in advance. More information can be seen here.

Cracking Good Food is a Manchester based cookery school which hosts a variety of cookery classes including a fabulous class in June where they will show attendees how and preserve elderflowers. Guests take home elderflower champagne, cordial and jelly home with them in Le Parfait jars.

On the their website they have gone into more depth with preserving classes Australia, USA and South Africa too – click here to read. The beautiful Le Parfait jars can be bought online by clicking here.





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